Quilluminati is the newest society of Gargi College formed in August 2013 and has 20 members in total. Apart from brainstorming about different writing styles in workshops organized for the members, we have also taken part in many inter-college events. Our achievements so far:

  1. Gauri Singh- 1st -Creative Writing (Comascent-Gargi College)

  2. Richi Malhotra - 2nd - Oxford Book Hunt

  3. Pragya Gandhi - 2nd - Pictionary (JMC)

  4. M.Megha - 3rd - Creative Writing (Reverie- Gargi College)

  5. Lakshita Joshi - 1st - Creative Writing (Reverie- Gargi College)

  6. Richi Malhotra - 2nd - Creative Writing (Literati- Daulat Ram College)

In this short time, we have hosted a successful Literary Fest 'Rhetorica' and organized a creative writing event during the annual Fest ‘Reverie’, both of which saw a good participation from students from other colleges. We have launched our very own blog ‘Cursive Sparks’ and have a facebook page ‘Quilluminati, Gargi College’.