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Physics Department offers B.Sc. Physics (Hons), B.Sc. Physical Sciences (Programme) and General Electives for the other courses of the College. While the basic syllabus has been designed by the University, we have introduced innovative skill enhancement courses where the students learn Applied Optics and Basic Instrumentation techniques. In these courses students "learn by doing". The laboratories are well equipped with the latest apparatus. We have a dedicated research lab where undergraduate and post graduate students get an exposure to diverse applications of nanotechnology. Several faculty members of the department conduct workshops and brief summer schools during the vacations. Besides the usual teaching, faculty members are engaged in inter-disciplinary research like mentoring students for Pathfinder projects and innovation projects. This scheme of the Innovation projects in collaboration with other departments has been an excellent platform for the students to work on projects which have social relevance. Physics department has been collaborating with the Botany, Chemistry, Microbiology, B.El.Ed and Mathematics departments for these interdisciplinary projects. There is therefore a complete
integration of research with the basic curriculum.

QUASAR and SPACE &ASTRONOMY are the two societies of the department. We organize lectures by eminent scientists from research institutions, universities and industries. The students have regular lab visits to IUAC and sometimes to JNU. This is an enriching experience for the students. The department organizes career counselling sessions for the final year students. It helps the students to identify and focus on their career goals. Students are encouraged to participate in debates, quizzes, paper presentations and Physics Charades.
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