Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and applied psychology uses methods and findings of psychology to solve practical problems of human behavior and experience. Our Applied Psychology (Hons.) course offers exposure and hands on experience in both theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline in the contemporary world, across six semesters. The course provides insights into the applications of various subfields like Applied Social Psychology, Counseling, and Clinical Psychology etc. Each course is supported by a practicum. As part of this, students are involved in extensive practical applications of the theoretical knowledge gained in areas like personality assessment, intelligence assessment, specific abilities etc. and experimentations in the psychology laboratory. They also engage in field work under the supervision of the coordinator and design research projects appropriate for the field of study.

Department Activities

•        Students Orientation Programme.
•        Annual Psychology Seminar/Festival.
•        Paper Reading, Debates and Discussion.
•        Workshops and Issue based Movie Screening.
•        Talks by Subject Matter Experts across various subfields of psychology.
•        Annual News Letter.