Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Honours

The department of Political Science is one of the oldest department of Gargi College. It is a huge department with students coming to study from various states all over India and from diverse backgrounds. The student from this discipline has made their mark in different fields after their graduation.

The department provides courses in B.A Honors Political Science and B.A programme besides it also offers Masters in political science though the classes are held in Delhi University South Campus for the same. Presently the department has sixteen faculty members coming from different universities of India, and has been contributing in making the department as one of the most dynamic department of Gargi College. Quite like the college itself the political science department is reckoned as one of the most vibrant department. The Political Science association organises several lectures and seminars throughout the academic year eminent speakers from various fields have come to Gargi to deliver talks organised by the political science department.

The fest of the department “POL POURRI” is one of the most important events of the department wherein we have seminar's and varied students activities, every year we see a good number of students participation from different colleges. Besides the fest the department which lays emphasis on the holistic development of the students organises various activities like Mock UN, quiz, debates, educational trips to various places etc.

All these aforementioned fest and events gives enough privileges to the students to participate in variegated activities and grow as a confident individual. The department boast's of the fact that because of this vibrancy and dynamic nature it is one of the most sought after courses of  Gargi College in humanities.