Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Chemistry is often referred to as the central science because it unites biology and medicine and the earth and environmental sciences. Apart from being fundamental to all, chemistry relates to almost every object that we encounter in our daily lives. Studying chemistry puts a person in an excellent position to choose from a wide variety of useful, interesting and rewarding careers.In a world of rapidly expanding knowledge and technology students must gain the skills they will need to function successfully in future.

The B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry course at the University of Delhi provides students with a state-of-the- art understanding of broad-ranging chemical principles and enables them to experience the joy of studying chemistry The course can help you in pursuing post graduate studies in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, environmental studies, forensic science etc in India (including IIT, IISER. IISc) and abroad.

Career opportunities for researcher are endless and range from positions in chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, petrochemical, polymer, plastics and textile industries, scientific research organizations, publishing houses, schools (with B.Ed) and colleges and higher educational institutions (with Ph.D) A chemistry degree can be effectively combined with advanced work in other fields that may lead to employment in higher management (with an M.B.A.) or in the patent field ( with a law degree).

Apart from gaining knowledge about different aspects of chemistry throughout the degree course, students also pick up a number of transferable skills such as problem solving, data analysis, computing and time management. With these skills, a chemist remains one of the most highly sought-after and employed scientist.

Departmental Activities:

'Rasgandhayan', the Chemical Society is involved in organizing the inter college science festival,


•       Dr. C.K. Khurana Memorial Annual Lecture

•       Lectures by eminent scientists

•       Interactive sessions with alumni

•       Inter class competitions in paper presentation, quiz, crossword, poster making etc

•       Ozone Day Celebration

•       Institutional and industrial visits

Undergraduate research is encouraged and students are given the freedom to design their own projects. They regularly participate in project competitions and their projects have also been presented in national and international conferences

The department has its own magazine 'Amalgam' which features articles from the students.