Bachelor of Science in Zoology

Science of Zoology exposes students to fascinating   scientific innovations such as mapping of genes, advances in immunology, drug designing, drug targets, stem cell applications, identification of genes for longer life span, pathogen biology, cancer biology, bio diversity and environmental conservation, creation of eco-friendly and smart cities. Study of Zoology also brings about sensitization of students with reference to human health, environment conservation and resource optimization. Knowledge of Zoology opens up the path for unconventional avenues like bio-design and bio-entrepreneurship. Department of Zoology offers interesting courses with diverse career options.

Curriculum of Zoology is interlinked with technology and enriched with personality development programs. Department in vite seminent scientists and organizes seminars, lectures and workshops for faculty and students. Dynamic Zoological Society 'Albatross' provides a platform to students for expression of their talents and organizes debates, quiz competitions and various other activities. Albatross also brings out annual zoological magazine 'Flight'.

Department of Zoology has exceptionally well equipped labs for student practical classes, one instrument lab and one Research lab with Digital Microscope. Students are motivated to explore and enjoy Science. Application of practical techniques and extension of classroom exercises to research is encouraged. Large numbers of students undertake research projects with faculty. Department also organizes educational trips and excursions.