Principal's Message

I am happy to welcome all the aspirants to the portals of Gargi College. Gargi College is one of the best college of University of Delhi. The College was established in July 1967 by Delhi Government to promote higher education among girls. Since then the College has grown to cater to 4000 students pursuing 16 Undergraduate Courses and 3 Post Graduate Courses. The College has a dedicated band of 200 teachers to shape the personality of the students. Besides regular curriculum each department engages in seminars, panel discussions, workshop and research projects. In addition to these there are ample opportunities for students where they can express their talent in the field of NSS, NCC, sports and extra curricular activities. Gargi is a recipient of Star College grant and status for all the science department by the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Technology, Government of India under which all science students can enhance their skills. College also has a bio-informatics facility for the benefits of the students and faculty. College has well equipped laboratories, research labs, class rooms, wi-fi campus, state of the art auditorium, seminar halls, computerized library and a vast sports field.
The college has been named after Gargi, an ancient Indian Woman Scholar whose name figures in the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad of the Vedic age. She posed very penetrating and intellectual questions to her guru, the great sage Yagnyavalkya. The guru has no answers to offer, to questions raised by her. The intellectual vigour and persistence with which she questions the Guru symbolizes yearning for knowledge and the spirit of enquiry. It is our hope and endeavour that young girls will keep the spirit of Gargi alive.
Welcome to Gargi College and rediscover yourself.
Dr. Promila Kumar

Principal (Acting)