Political Science

The Department of Political Science is one of the oldest and the most sought after departments amongSocial Sciences of Gargi College. It offers courses in BA (Honours) Political Science and BA Programme. Italso offers MA in Political Science.

The department of Political science is dedicated to understanding and explaining the various meaningsand practices of politics. The department prepares students not only to be active citizens of the country butalso helps them develop an analytical thinking so that they can critically engage with the issues concerningthe state and its policies. The focus of the undergraduate courses in Political science is to provide aunderstanding of political institution, political processes, political behaviour, public policy, comparativepolitics, International relations and political theory and political thought.

The faculty members use innovative pedagogy to teach students. The faculty members are also engaged inresearch and also participate in national and international seminars/workshops in their respective areasof research.

The department organises talks/lectures/seminars on the contemporary and relevant themes in Indian and international politics throughout the academic calendar. With its aim on bringing holisticdevelopment and inculcating confidence into the student, the department does various academic and extra-curricular activities in which the students play a leading role. The department conducts elections among the students every year to constitute the Political Science Association (PSA) of the College and most of the activities of the department are thereafter managed by the Political Science Association.
The department of Political Science organises an annual POLITICAL SCIENCE FEST "POL POURRI". This is one of the most important events of the College. This is a one day event filled with seminars and a number of intra- and inter-college students activities. Every year, the department witnesses a good number of students' participation from other colleges of the University of Delhi and other Universities and institutions located in Delhi.
The department of Political Science also publishes an annual Magazine 'DEMOS'. This allows the students of the department to churn out their latent creativity. It provides them a platform to articulate their views on issues of national and international importance. It provides the students to think and act beyond the classroom teaching schedules and develop criticality.
The Students of the Department of Political Science also have created a Students Activism Cell in 2016-17. The Cell organizes discussion among students every Wednesday on contemporary socio-political issues where students from other departments of the College take active part .

Some of the other major activities of the department :

• New Student Orientation
• Department Union Election
• Lectures and Workshops by Eminent Speakers
• Documentary Screening and Discussion
• Model United Nations Conference
• Educational Trip

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